iBuyer Beware! 

What Agents Need to Know About This New Phenomenon

iBuyer Beware! 

Leveraging Disruptors & Communicating Options

This high-intensity workshop helps agents understand the real facts about iBUYER programs so they can effectively leverage them! Darryl also teaches the necessary shifts in skills, strategies, and mindsets to thrive in any market.

With laugh-out-loud humor, and instant relatability – Darryl tackles some of the most challenging topics for agents today: Succeeding in an age of disruptors, validating your commission, and building listing inventory – CONSISTENTLY.  

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What You'll Learn

  • The pitfalls and truths of iBUYER programs and why they matter so much 
  • How to effectively communicate to every homeowner why they should not sell to an iBUYER unless they are willing to sell their home at a deep discount 
  • Why we should call these companies iNVESTORS, not iBUYERS 
  • Using the actual information from iBUYER websites to validate why REALTORS are a better choice for homeowners 
  • How to stay focused despite market disruptors
  • The #1 secret to being in total control of every listing appointment and never be at a loss for words again 
  • The best possible, no-cost source of listing leads 
  • How to protect and even get higher commissions (at a steadier rate)
  • BONUS: Attendees will receive a digital PowerPoint slide deck download so they can use it on their listing appointments and in their marketing

Who is Darryl Davis?

What began as a way to support his acting career later became Darryl’s true passion and lifelong mission. Darryl became an agent at 19 and quickly became a Top Producer. Some of Darryl’s accomplishments include: 

  • As an agent, he averaged 6 transactions a month focusing on FSBOs and Expireds. In addition, he opened an office as a manager that become #1 in the first 6 months. 
  • Best-Selling Author for his book, “How To Become a Power Agent in Real Estate” 
  • One of the Highest Rated Speakers at the National Association of Realtors® Convention the past several years 
  • Darryl is one of the few real estate speakers to have earned the Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designation, which is conferred by the National Speakers Association. It is the speaking profession’s international measure of professional platform skill, which is held by less than 2% of all speakers worldwide  

What Agents are Saying

"Being exposed to Darryl Davis has given me a sense of purpose in my career. Before, I didn't understand my value as an agent. Now I know the importance of what I have to offer and why it matters so much to the public and now I know how to communicate that value."

Kendra Saleem Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate 

"As a seasoned agent, it is always good to align with like-minded, energetic and engaged professionals. One of my newer agents enjoyed the exposure to Darryl’s ‘real talk’ and seasoned insight. Markets change and having the tools you need with your eye on the future is essential."

Joann Perito Avenues Unlimited Real Estate

"As a new agent, Darryl's presentation is inspiring. He does a great job breaking the concept of the real estate business into more simple mini strategies in order to execute your goals."

Joshua Owen Keller Williams Realty

"Darryl has an amazing talent in speaking! It's pretty rare for me to sit through a 3 hour class without getting up, but he has such a way with his speaking that he just has you hanging on for more and you don't want to miss anything. Very energetic and great content. Darryl Davis is someone i'd definitely go see again!"

Scott Hollinger RE/MAX Premier