Agents are always asking me how to get NOW listings. How to consistently earn commissions. How to KNOW where their next paycheck is coming from.  

The answer is SIMPLE – but not necessary EASY for some agents. It’s PROSPECTING. What stops agents from making the calls, knocking on the doors, and doing the activities that generate new listings is fear.  

That’s why I’ve simplified it all for them. Added in some dialogues. Shared some analogies. Ways to have fun with it. I also shared the one powerful way to take the fear OUT of the prospecting and make it a win-win for everyone.  

Then I broke everything down into twelve can-do strategies that, if applied over the next 30 days should lead to a packed listing inventory, and an incredible lead on their competition.  

My goal with this eBook and Power Prospecting Plan is to help you to help your agents not only soar past their goals this year – but to truly design lives and careers worth smiling about. Download your free gifts today to share with your agents and let’s make the next 30 days SMILE-WORTHY!

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