Our new live quarterly training, brainstorming and networking event exclusively for Power Agents®

Who's the Power Surge for?

This program is exclusively for Power Agents® who want to... 

  • Double Their Income
  • Lead with Revenue
  • Network Like a Pro
  • Take Their Business to the Next Level®
  • Become More Financially Independent
  • Dramatically Increase Their Referral Network
  • Have MORE Fun and LESS Stress
  • Have an Award-Winning Speaker and Coach They Can Count On

Make Sure YOU are REGISTERED for the upcoming POWER SURGE ...exclusively for our POWER AGENT® members today! 

What do I Get as a Power Agent®?  

  • Membership to Darryl Davis’s Power Agent® Coaching Platform 
  • Monthly Power Agent® Call access where Darryl solves issues, shares strategies, and answers your most burning real estate questions LIVE 
  • Access to Darryl’s audio and video training, expert real estate tools, monthly insights from top agents, listing and selling resources, and more 
  • Monthly goal reminders from our Power Agent® Team 
  • Weekly eNewsletters filled with tools, training, and inspiration  
  • BONUS topic-specific webinars throughout the year  
  • BONUS training gifts throughout the year  

For more information, head to www.ThePowerProgram.com

Top Ten Reasons to Become Part of the POWER SURGE: Our Power Agents® Exclusive Group  

  • No additional cost! Thanks to our lovely sponsor, JetDirect Mortgage, our quarterly meeting expenses are covered! These live training, brainstorming, and networking events are like the icing on the cake of your Power Agent® Membership!  
  • Synergy is exciting. There’s something powerful and magical about a group of like-minded agents coming together to support each other all year! Together, everyone achieves MORE.  
  • Accountability builds momentum. We accomplish more when we have accountability partners who hold us to our goals, and help us stay on track. No one goes it alone. It feels good to have a group of people behind you as you’re tackling big goals and real change. Together, we’ll solve problems, answer questions, and drive productivity. 
  • Referrals. Who doesn’t love qualified referral leads? Our goal is to have 200 agents across the tri-state area all committed to sharing referrals amongst this tight knit group!  
  • Coaching! Darryl will be right there in the trenches with you! With monthly coaching calls and quarterly gatherings all designed to help you build inventory, be more profitable, AND design a life and career worth smiling about.  
  • FUN. One thing that sets this group apart is that we are committed to learning a lot, working at NEXT LEVEL productivity – AND having a whole lot of fun while we’re at it. 
  • A "shot in the arm". This business can be tough sometimes. It can zap your energy and leave you feeling drained if you’re not careful. These POWER SURGE meetings will be a terrific “shot in the arm” for every agent to infuse your quarter with energy, excitement, and a passion for what you do, and the people you serve.  
  • GOALS. You came to us with BIG GOALS, and we’re here to help you reach them ... through our intense quarterly meetings, our power-packed tools, strategies, and training in the Power Agent® system, and your one-on-one work with Darryl. Together we’re ready to not just meet your goals – let’s exceed them!  
  • CONNECTION. Think of this exclusive group of “all-in” agents as a power connection to Next Level® results. These are the thinkers. The doers. The goal-crushers. The mentors. The students. The believers. The achievers. The problem-solvers. The objection-handlers. The network that lifts everyone higher. That’s what we’re in this for.  
  • Market Insights. At each exclusive POWER SURGE meeting, you'll have an opportunity to hear the latest financing news, trends and forecasts from our sponsors, JetDirect Mortgage. Staying on top of all aspects of the real estate market is the very best way to be sure you are known as a trusted professional - and the "go to" agent in your area! Knowledge is Power!



598 Broadhollow Rd Melville, NY 11747 Phone: 631-845-1000  

TUESDAY, JULY 10, 2018 9:00 AM - 12:30 PM Continental Breakfast will be served from 8:30 AM - 9:00 AM

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Power Surge?

The Power Surge is a quarterly event, held exclusively for Tri-State Power Agents. A diverse group of committed real estate professionals coming together to cultivate new insights and ideas to thrive in today's market, pledge to the mastery of strong sales skills necessary to create breakthrough success, and develop a robust referral network amongst colleagues and peers.

What will be covered?

Each quarter will tackle different elements of the listing and sales process, and feature different event formats to ensure high-energy, high-impact results.

Summer - July 10th 2018

  • Hot Summer Lead Generation
  • How to Stay in the Listing Game (Even When You're on Vacation)
  • How to Motivate Buyers to Buy
  • What You Should Know BEFORE the Fall Market

How much does it cost? 

It's FREE as an added bonus for our Power Agents! Our Power Agents pay $27/month for a slew of benefits, including monthly coaching calls. For more information, head to www.ThePowerProgram.com 

Do I have to reserve my seat? 

Yes! Please let us know you will be joining us by reserving your seat here

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