Live Webinar with Darryl Davis | The Success Formula for Working with Buyers

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The Success Formula for Working with Buyers Webinar

If we had a dollar for every agent that has ever shared their story about spending weeks, months, sometimes YEARS chasing down the same buyer only for them to buy a FSBO, well – we could all retire. 

In today’s market and media climate – it is more important than ever to ensure that there is clarity and commitment on both sides of a buyer/agent relationship. Without it? Lost time, money, energy – and a whole lot of headaches.


Wednesday, August 28th

12:00pm - 1:00pm (Eastern) 


In this 1-hour webinar, you will learn:

  • Why it is “playing” and not “working” with buyers 
  • How to create CLARITY and COMMITMENT with your buyers 
  • How to manage your time between buyers and listings 
  • How to show 3-5 houses and write a contract 
  • How to get the buyers to come into the office 
  • The 12 showing tips to get a buyer to buy TODAY 
  • How to get the buyer to want to only work with you 
  • How to schedule a listing appointment when a buyer has a home to sell

This is a LIVE online event, not a rebroadcast. You only have one chance to join us! We start on...

Wednesday, August 28th 12:00pm - 1:oopm Eastern 

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Receive These Bonuses

  • FREE Buyer QuestionnaireThe 12 Best Questions to Ask Any Buyer  
  • This is not a webinar to sell you something... this will truly be an hour of training to help you work with buyers 
  • ONLY attendees to the call will receive a recording of the webinar